Glen Iris Kinder 3 Room

2.5 years - 4 years

Our 2.5-4 year old Kinder room can have 27 children per day, and follows a one educator to 11 children ratio. Our kinder room program is led by 1 qualified early childhood teacher and is assisted by a qualified early childhood educator.

Our 3 year old kindergarten program runs all day from Monday to Friday. There is no minimum time requirement that a child needs to attend 3 year old kindergarten. Even though the children are now in kindergarten, they are still exposed to all of the benefits of being in the child care centre environment such as catered meals and the opportunity to mix with children of all ages.

Our Kindergarten program focuses on growing self-confidence, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, skill development and independence. The kinder room teacher utilises the children’s current interests and identified strength and need areas to form the basis of the kinder program. The children are given opportunities to express which experiences and activities they would enjoy exploring throughout the program.

The routine in the kinder room is relaxed, flexible and allows for both spontaneous and planned experiences. Children are provided with interesting, aesthetically pleasing and engaging activities throughout the indoor and outdoor environments. Activities are designed to provide concepts that enhance understanding and learning in areas of literacy, maths, science, music, environment and creativity.

Our outdoor space provide children with multiple opportunities to explore nature, sustainability and develop physical skills. Children have access to areas to run, explore and engage in quiet, solitary play. Educators provide many small and whole group experiences, both indoors and out, to encourage cooperation and build on social skills such as turn taking and sharing.